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    Claudiq Photography is well known as a provider of the highest quality photography.
    We bring the utmost personal service and attention to each client. Because of the
    strength of our business, we need second photographers to work with us.

    Accordingly, you * *

    (referred to from this point on as "you," or "Second Photographer/Second Shooter") and Claudiq Photography (referred to from this point on as "we," "our," "us") (each a "Party" and collectively, the "Parties") agree that you will work as a Second Photographer for us according to the of this agreement ("Agreement").


    This Agreement is in effect for the * wedding


    The Parties agree that Second Photographer will perform the following services for us ("Services"):

    • To take photographs that reassigned to you by us in our sole discretion and accepted by you.
    • To take Photographs at the weddings as is appropriate, including the standard "safe shots" and experimental/fun shots during Bride and Groom getting ready, ceremony, and reception.
    • After taking the photographs, Second Photographer will provide the Photographs to us by giving us the digital media memory cards that will be provided by Claudiq Photography.
    • The second Photographer will shoot on two memory cards 1st RAW files and 2nd BACKUP.

    While performing the Services, you agree;

    • To present yourself with professionalism at a times (dress in all black professional or semi-professional attire, no sneakers, hats)
    • To provide quality photographs,
    • To not consume alcohol or be incapacitated in any manner; to refrain from excessive

    personal cell phone usage

    • To introduce yourself with "Claudiq Photography"
    • To arrive 15 minutes ahead of time (allowing extra time for traffic, unexpected delays) and to promptly begin the Services.
    • To perform the Services during the entire contracted period.
    • To review the timeline, protocol and galleries provided prior to the wedding and resolve questions ahead of time with Claudiq Photography,


    If needed we may provide you with some photography equipment and tools for use at the wedding and events. You agree to treat the equipment with due care, including never leave the photography equipment unattended, including digital memory cards with Photographs, especially out of sight or in an area where it may be damaged.


    The Parties intend this to be a contract for services and each considers the Photographs to be a work made for hire in accordance with 17 U.S.C.101. The Second Photographer acknowledges and agrees that the Photographs and all rights therein, including the copyrights to the Photographs, belong to and shall be our sole and exclusive property.
    If for any reason the Photographs are not considered a work made for hire under any
    applicable law, the Second Photographer hereby assigns and transfers to us, its successors and assigns the entire right, title, and interest in and to the copyrights in the Photographs and any renewals and extensions thereof, and in and to all works based upon, derived from, or incorporating the Photographs throughout the world.


    The parties agree that the Second Photographer is a self-employed, independent contractor. This Agreement is not an employment agreement, nor does it constitute a joint venture or partnership between you and us. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to be inconsistent with this independent contractor relationship.


    The Second Photographer agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold Claudiq Photography LLC harmless against all claims, liabilities, damages, costs, and expenses, including reasonable legal fees and expenses, arising from the Second Photographer's performance of the services pursuant to this Agreement.


    A Party may not assign or transfer this Agreement to a third party without the other Parties' written consent.


    The Second Photographer represents and warrants that ( i ) Second Photographer is fully able to enter into and perform the obligations pursuant to this Agreement, and the Second Photographer will use best efforts to professionally perform the services to be rendered under this Agreement


    The Second Photographer agrees to refrain from disclosing our customer lists, trade secrets, or other confidential information. The Second Photographer agrees to take reasonable security measures to prevent accidental disclosure of this information. The Second Photographer agrees to pay liquidated damages of $50,000 if any violation of this Nondisclosure and Noncompetition clause is proved or admitted.


    In full and final consideration for the rights granted to us in this Agreement, we will pay The Second Photographer as follows:

    • $50 per hour of active photography for weddings as a Second Photographer
    • Parking costs reimbursed with receipt


    The of the state of New Jersey this Agreement without regard to conflicts of law provisions. The Second Photographer consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts sitting in the state of New Jersey.
    AlI unresolved disputes arising under this Agreement shall be submitted to arbitration in
    State of New Jersey.


    You release us from liability for injury, illness, accident, emergency, death, or other related
    problems incurred while performing the Services pursuant to this Agreement. You also agree to hold us harmless in the event you suffer personal property theft, damage, or loss while performing services under this Agreement.


    This Agreement incorporates the entire understanding of the parties. Any modifications to
    this Agreement must be in writing and signed by all parties. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable by law, the validity of this Agreement in
    the whole shall not be affected, and the other provisions of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. No waiver of any breach of any term or provision of this Agreement shall be construed to be, or shall be, a waiver of any other breach of this Agreement. No waiver shall be binding unless in writing and signed by the party or parties waiving the breach. The paragraph, section, and article headings used in this Agreement are intended solely for convenience and reference and shall not in any manner amend, limit, modify, or otherwise be used in the interpretation of any of the provisions of this Agreement.
    The Parties have read this Agreement and agree to all of its terms.

    Claudiq Photography
    Wojciech Ujda

    The Second Photographer
    * *





    Creativity: Remember this protocol is a guide to how to approach the wedding day. We want you to use it as a checklist and also to let loose your creativity and HAVE FUN!
    Grooming and Attire: Wear clean, all-black clothing, this minimizes the effect of you being in another photographer's shots and we look professional too. No colorful sneakers, headscarves, caps, etc.
    Camera Syncing: Please sync your cameras to EST on www.time.gov This is important and can be critical to culling, post-processing or even resolving questions about timing. Please do this prior to leaving home or as the first thing when you arrive.
    Backups: Please check to make sure you are backing up to two cards while they shoot. Please record your files in RAW format.
    Expectations: Both photographers should aim to get all the pictures needed on one camera, do not assume that the other photographer is a getting a particular shot and because of that you can just relax. There is no downtime during weddings, please. Kindly appear professional, engaged, and active.
    Downtime: There is no downtime during weddings, please do not take time off to walk away to have long and friendly but distracting chats with another team member or guests. Kindly remember that you have to be professional and appear professional.
    Marketing and Sales Opportunities: Please remember that you are representing CLAUDIQ PHOTOGRAPHY and any requests for cards etc. should be referred to the MAIN PHOTOGRAPHER who will provide you with some cards for the leads. Please do not pass on your own business cards to prospects.
    Bathroom Breaks: please be cognizant of the events listed in the timeline and time your bathroom breaks for when nothing critical is about to happen. You are expected to have a sharp non-blurry copy of the main events (ring exchange, Kiss, bouquet/garter retrieval and throw, cake cutting) in your files as well.
    Angles, Perspectives, and Visibility in the other Photographer’s photo: Please keep an eye on the other photographer to make sure you are not in their photos and also try to get a creative and better angle. This could be a side shot, a shot through leaves or something that would not be expected and is beautiful. Second shooters in particular have lots of opportunities to get creative angles and perspectives while the primary has the subjects’ attention.

    Phone Usage: Please be mindful of and kindly limit cell phone usage during weddings, kindly appear engaged and interested in the event we are covering.

    Meals: If there is time, please take your meals together but not too far from the reception in case a DJ or MC announces something, if it is a tight day with very little time or if the event is behind, please take turns, there should be a photographer present. Our contract says that for weddings 8 hours or more, a meal should be provided for our vendors.


    A.) Getting Ready Photos

    Make sure your camera is synced to EST on www.time.gov
    Smile and introduce yourselves to the entire bridal party team when you arrive
    Make friends with the bridesmaids and solicit their help in cleaning up any clutter before your shoot. This is a very important first step, please clear the room of all clutter before you begin shooting. Items can be placed in drawers, closets, bathrooms to keep them out of sight.
    Designate the maid of honor or bridesmaid of your choice to be the “Ring Fairy” to manage the rings so that you do not lose them. This person will be in charge of the rings and should be close by as you shoot to ensure they are not lost. The ring fairy should also be responsible for the ring being taken to the ceremony. Please take ring shots in at least 3 different setups - this can be on the invitation, in a bouquet, on shoes, on the bridesmaid dress (to capture the color pops they are using) or other cute artifacts.
    Ask for the official wedding invitation suite for your photos
    If you are assigned to the bride, while photographing the wedding dress, do not hang it on any fire or sprinkler handles.
    Make sure the room has lots of natural light or find the natural light by the windows and use that for your portraits. Chase the light but mind the clutter so that we do not have clutter in our photos. Also, look for distracting colors or items in the background.
    Find details to shoot - Shoes, Watches, Rings, Perfumes, Keepsakes, Flowers. Find creative ways to arrange them together as well as shoot them individually. Double-check to make sure that the details actually belong to the bride and not to someone else in the room too.
    Occasionally, brides will request a first look with the groom or with parents, or even with the bridesmaids. If this is expected and written in the timeline, please manage the time and find a nice place around the getting-ready property for the first look to happen. Please remember to shoot complementing angles with the other photographer and not the same angle. One photographer should be able to see the bride’s face while the other sees the groom but also move around to capture both as needed.

    B.) Ceremony

    Photos of the details: florals, guestbooks, programs, people walking in. The second photographer should be the primary for this.
    The primary photographer capture the bride walking down the aisle with the father and groom’s reaction on seeing her for the first time
    The second photographer should capture the side angles and the back angle of the bride walking down in a wide-angle and full shot and they move to the side to capture them walking down the aisle. Then move to the front on the opposite side of the primary to help them capture the exchange. When you get to the ceremony look around to see if there is a second floor and find access to it so you can take a top-down shot of the ceremony.
    The second photographer is responsible for reaction shots - guests crying, laughing, praying, etc, pay attention in particular to parents and grandparents of the bride and groom as they may have emotional responses. If there is no time, make sure the photographer taking the family photos has a backup in their camera.

    Portraits: Please make sure to take the following: -Bridal party photos (two backgrounds)

    -Bride and Bridesmaids
    -Groom and groomsmen
    -Bride and Groom looking into the camera - full shot and half portrait shots. 

    Essential Formal Portrait

    -Creative angles of bride and groom at the venue - this is where you can play with veils, cover them to shoot under the veils, and get creative with whatever shot you want.

    Guest Photos and Photos of Couple with their Guests:

    This is important, please go with the couple as they greet their guests from table to table taking candid and posed shots with everyone looking in the camera smiling. Also take some nice photos of guests in pairs or groups of three at the tables or wherever you find them. Please take at least 15 shots of different guest pairings. We are not expected to cover the whole room.

    Special Attention to Parents and Close Family Members:

    Please note who the parents and close family members are from when you worked with them during getting ready or simply by asking. Pay particular attention to them during the ceremony and the reception. Capture their reactions during toasts and dancing as much as possible so the bride and groom will have memories of their close family members having fun on the wedding day.

    C.) Cocktail Hour:

    We typically spend about 15 minutes covering this as we would need to be covering reception details around that time, so kindly speed it up so you can start reception details.
    Pictures of the cocktail band if applicable

    Pictures of the food.
    Pictures of guests laughing eating, picking food from servers, you can also group guests for some group shots during cocktail hour.
    Cocktail hour photos and any other details as you see them. It is important to get some photos of the cocktail hour

    D.) Reception details:

    -IMPORTANT: First thing you should do is to take a full shot of the room with as few people in it as quickly as possible BEFORE people get in.

    -place settings
    -place cards

    -cake - full shot
    -cake details
    -photo of every single type of flower arrangement
    -frame and shoot through the chair backs and other items, be creative
    -Anything with their names on it

    E.) Venue Shot:

    Please take one of these before you enter the reception with daylight and beautiful blue skies. Please take another one with a wide-angle before you leave to show the night view of the venue

    F.) Limo, Rolls, or Vintage Cars and transportation:

    Both first and second photographers please make sure you get a full view of the car - bride and groom entering the car as well as closer photos inside the car. They pay a bit of money for these rides and we want some nice pictures showcasing the full view of the car and photos of them inside the car as well. If there is time we should try to pose them by the car.

    H.) Goodbyes/End of the night shot:

    Both photographers should work together to take a goodbye photo of the couple and after that photo use that as an opportunity to say goodbye to the couple. Editorially we need this photo to finish the story. Both photographers should be present to SAY GOODBYE TO THE COUPLE even if the hours are up. Be cheerful and leave on a good note!

    Thank you so much for sharing the amazing wedding day of our clients, they will remember you for the special role you have played and we are sure they will mention you in reviews as well. Our goal is a 5-star experience!

    PLEASE DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL on the job at any time.

    Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

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