Welcome to Claudiq Photography.

        My name is Wojtek Ujda and I'am a founder and a photographer of Claudiq Photography. My journey with photography started in 2007. I have bought my first semi professional camera when my daughter was born. Photography very fast became my passion, something that gives joy and pleasure. I also discovered that photographing people is my favorite. I love to capture the moment, that can not be retaken, something that happens once, that is why I enjoy shooting weddings the most. Long time ago, to the ranks of Claudiq Photography joined by my friend Robert Kotuk, who is an amazing photographer and as a team we capture unforgettable memories.

        Photographing people is what we love to do, whether it is a wedding, private party or portrait session, we will capture the photographs and remember that moment for you.

Our passsion is documenting your memories, so you can always bring them back when looking through the pictures.

Claudiq Photography is based in northern NJ, but we also serve NY, CT area and are available to travel other locations. Thank you for visiting our website.

Claudiq Photography